Headquarter / Zentrale / Werk II

Ziegelweg 15

91792 Ellingen

Werk I

Industriestraße 1

91790 Raitenbuch


 Journey to Höglmeier, Ellingen:

1. Leave the B2 (A-Road 2) at “Ellingen Mitte” and turn towards “Ellingen”.

2. After 100 metres turn left into the industrial area (“Ringstraße”).

3. Then follow the “Ringstraße” (450 metres) and drive straight on at the next crossroads.

4. Please pay attention to the information sign, which shows you the way to us. “Ziegelweg 15” is only the postal address. Trucks are not allowed to drive along this road and additionally there´s no turning option.

5. Now follow the “Hörlbacher Weg”, past the clarification plant and shoot under the (A-Road-)bridge (500 metres).

6. After that turn left and drive on the HP-T Höglmeier Polymer-Tech GmbH & Co. KG.


Anfahrt Ellingen